Luonnos—A creative space by Grafia
November 3rd – 27th 2022 at Hakaniemen Luova Kulma, Helsinki, Finland
Luonnos (‘sketch’) is a creative space by Grafia (Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland) where visual communication and creative design are presented without prejudices. Instead of a polished outcome, the aim is to raise discussion about current topics and bring people together. The first Luonnos group exhibition was curated by Eevi Rutanen and Timo Berry.
My Luonnos was my personal treatise on spatial typography and its possibilities in a creative space. The typographic anamorphic installation piece played with perspective and challenged the viewers’ perception.

The black and white hand-drawn and hand-painted spatial illusion appeared as intended only at one observation point in the gallery. As soon as the viewer moved away from this spot the artwork was distorted. Thus, in most areas of the exhibition room, the piece appeared very different from the original sketch and left plenty of room for interpretation. The work was heavily influenced, and its final form was determined by the exhibition space.