Sound Of G-Rex Exhibition 9.12.2023 – 14.1.2024
Luonnos – Creative Space by Grafia, Uudenmaankatu 13, Helsinki

Sound of G-Rex exhibition showcased a collection of instruments, collages, and everyday objects that had been modified by the G-Rex artist group (Maria Björklund, Terhi Ekebom, Elina Holley, Laura “Lauratimantti” Lehtinen, Päivi Säde, Viv Magia, Sara Multanen, Jesse Pasanen, Ossi Pirkonen, Maikki Rantala, Ville Salervo, Linda ”Superflinda” Söderholm, Anni-Julia Tuomisto & DJ Ässä), incorporating elements of street art and recycled materials. Founded in 2014, the G-Rex street art guild is open to all Grafia members, comprised of visual communication professionals and students, including illustrators and independent artists.

My work for the group exhibition was called “Grooves” a.k.a. The Sound of G-Rex. Made from recycled 7-inch vinyl records, “Grooves” is a heavily Bauhaus-inspired lettering design that continues my exploration of modular typography. The work plays with shapes and colours, but purely on the terms of the medium. It also served as the starting point for the Sound of G-Rex exhibition logo.

My work explores the possibilities of modular typography - how letterforms can be realised within the constraints of a limited formal language and a modular system, in this case in the context of 7-inch singles. The words that make up the artwork are created with a minimal set of shapes, so these experimental letterforms challenge the concept of the letter, as well as some of the fundamental tenets of letterform design. Yet when they appear together, they are symbols so familiar to us, so deeply embedded in our subconscious, that their abstract forms inevitably give rise to a recognisable letter and, with it, legible words.

Exhibition architecture: Hanna Anonen
Visual design: G-Rex, Tomi Leppänen & Hanna Anonen
Exhibition logo: Linda “Superflinda” Söderholm
Production: Anna Suonsyrjä & G-Rex
Communication: Anna Suonsyrjä & Katja Ojala

Photos by Henri Salonen.